Reader’s Choice Voting

RM Short Story promo

We have 13 stories eligible for the 2015 Realm Makers Escape Reader’s Choice Award.

The first ~10% of each story is linked below. Please read them all and vote for your favorite! Click on the Realm Makers logo at the top of the page to return here.

Story 1 – Bipedal Idiots

Story 2 – Changeling

Story 3 – Darkness

Story 4 – Don’t Look Under the Bed

Story 5 – Inquisition

Story 6 – Nightmare is Real

Story 7 – Pony of the Fells

Story 8 – Raised in Captivity

Story 9 – The Escort

Story 10 – The Lions’ Den

Story 11 – Tick Tock

Story 12 – To Leave His Mother’s Tent

Story 13 – Undermined



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