Bipedal Idiots

The bipeds cowered in one corner of Mezer’s underground kitchen, oblivious to the small tunnel opening thirty paces away with a glowing stripe of goo on the floor of its passage. It was the tunnel vermin used to sneak into the kitchen from the surface at night. Mezer’s mother normally blocked the tunnel with a trash bucket, but as soon as she left for market, Mezer had moved the bucket aside and set free a gamma charged goob at the tunnel’s entrance. The bipeds should have run for it.

Mezer lay on his belly to study the creatures better, his short sturdy legs stretched out behind him. He folded three tentacles to form a tripod under his chin and rested his head. Such odd looking creatures; knee high and skinny. Their outer shell was soft to the touch, but they stood upright which made Mezer suspect that they had bones inside.

He hated bones. They got stuck in his teeth.

Bipedal Idiots

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